Construction and Renovation for all Industrial Buildings, production of goods, transformation of raw materials....



Rack Building, Concrete floor repairs, Production line reconfiguration, Wall openings, garage door openings, fridge panel installations

Building Extensions


Demolition, Concrete footings - foundation - columns - flooring, Carpentry - framing, structure reinforcing, Load Bearing walls removal, structural beam installation, Bricklaying, exterior siding, Engineering report.



Wood studs, Steel studs, framing walls, framing floors, plywood installation, concrete forum work, roof building, shingles, exterior/interior doors and windows, moldings, kitchen cabinets.




Washroom floors - walls - shower surround, entrance, Kitchen floors, backsplash, Basements floors, garage, exterior balconies, stairs, pool surround.




Demolish, electrical, spotlights, light fixtures, plumbing, faucets, kitchen design, Ceramic flooring, sheetrock, insulation, plastering, painting, kitchen cabinets, backsplash, moldings, patio door, windows, range hut, ventilation.



Basement floors, foundation walls, footings, columns, balconies, staircases, resurfacing, stamped concrete, steel rods, wire mesh, fiber. 





Demolish, electrical, spotlights, plumbing, fan ventilation, waterproofing, membranes, custom showers, bathtubs, shower doors, faucets, vanity, heated floors, Ceramic - floors - walls.

Interlocking Stone / Landscaping 


Driveways, walkways, balconies, staircases, retaining walls, pool surround, earth, sod installation, rock garden, cedars, river stone, stepping stones, trees.



Hourly service charge, minor repairs, small renovations, cabinet assembly, tv mounting, door installation .......many more.

Our Staff is very experienced in the Industrial sector, we know how important it is to protect materials and products being produced as we are working on a particular project inside and out of the building. We use all the appropriate safety measures to ensure the protection of the other person around us and our own to obtain a safe and exceptional job. As we too are a business, we know the importance of time, structure, and execution, this is why we have developed a system that works to achieve efficient, precise, and quality work. We are not the biggest Construction / Renovation company in Montreal, West island or Laval regions but with our knowledge, experience, and passion we are proud to say, 

We Do It Best.

We are a fully licensed and bonded company. You know you can trust Rellocon for ALL of your Construction and Renovation needs, specializing in new construction, repair and custom building services as well as structural beams. From the office personnel to our state Certified Trades Men and apprentices, we will do whatever it takes to get your project up and running. We are always here to build or fix your projects 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.


If You Can Imagine It, We Can Create It

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