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Rellocon offers the highest quality workmanship when it comes to Concrete (Concrete work). Our staff is highly skilled and fully certified, so you can rest a sure your project is in great hands. We use the highest quality materials to ensure a strong and long-lasting job. Constructing and Renovating the best for the best.











Here are some of the Tasks we can Provide you with

  • Excavation and preparation where the concrete will be applied
  • Concrete finishings: float finish, broom finish, textured finish, smooth finish, stone finish
  • Stamped concrete, colorings, many different types of textures such as interlocking stone look, rock finish and many more
  • Resurfacing of concrete balconies, staircases, walkways, foundation walls
  • Application of acrylique products from (Tex Nov, ADEX, Bomix, King)
  • Placing and finishing of concrete for garage floors, balconies, staircases, walkways, driveways, borders, sidewalks, walls
  • Concrete footings, columns, foundation walls, structures
  • Installation of substrate materials such as 3/4 net stone, 0 3/4 compacting stone, compacting sand
  • Reinforcing concrete with the use of steel rods (rebar), wire mesh and fibers

Stamped Concrete


If you are looking to stand out from the rest, the best way to do so is getting your balconies, staircases, walkways, driveways all done out of Stamped Concrete. With the use of having stamped concrete over interlocking stone or asphalt, you are receiving something unique, beautiful, and maintenance-free. With interlocking stones (pavers) there is always the same constant issues with the joints getting dirty and always having weeds growing threw them. With stamped concrete there are no joints aside from the control joints that we have to make when the concrete is going threw its drying stage, these joints are then filled with silicone which will ensure a tightly closed joint for years to come. Also with stamped concrete, the sky's the limit, you can replicate your stairs to look and feel like natural stone in any style, shape, or color. Rellocon is proud to say that are staff is fully experienced in the process of installing your stamped concrete and or concrete in general. From excavation faze to packing up faze, we really take care of it all.


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