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Relaxing or enjoying quality time with your family, this is certainly the place where it takes place. We are a highly skilled construction and renovation company, so when deciding who you would need for your basement renovation trust the name that sticks Rellocon. If your basement is unfinished, needing some repairs or just needing a little sprucing up, we take care of it all just for you.


   Spacious & Cozy


We are the leaders in renovating or constructing your basement. We use the highest quality building materials to ensure a beautiful, safe, and long-lasting basement. Your Basement is the time and place for family fun and also getting together with friends kicking back and watching the big game. Call the name you trust Rellocon.

""If You Can Imagine It, We Can Create It""

- Rellocon inc.

Leave your Basement to the Professionals

Eliminating Moisture at the Source


There is one sure way to permanently eliminate problems with moisture in your basement, by insulating and sealing the underside of the concrete floor slab and the concrete walls.

Water Infiltration


Inspecting your french drain is crucial to help stop water infiltrating your basement. We specialize in inspecting and installing your french drain system. With our professionalism and equipment, you can rest assure your basement is in great hands.

Exterior Foundation Coating


Crucially important to waterproof your foundation walls from the outside to ensure no water infiltration. We do this by installing specialized membranes and epoxies to seal all seams, cracks, and cavities threw out your foundation.

Heating Elements


Heating by electrical baseboards forced air furnace, gas propane, or oil furnaces it is crucial in making sure that your heat is well dispersed threw out your basement to ensure comfort and low costly expenses during the cold winter period.

Types of Flooring


When looking to choose the right flooring for your basement always keep in mind the winter. Going with a ceramic or stone can cause curling to the toes unless installed directly on top of a heating floor. Avoiding the cost of heated floors, a Laminate floor, Luxury vinyl, engineered wood and/or hardwood floor would be ideal for your basement floor

Illuminating your Space


A perfect way to illuminate your basement is with the use of spotlights also known as in castrated lights, they are very ideal for your basements for the sole reason that most of our basements across Montreal - West Island - Laval have very low ceiling heights. The advantage with spotlights is they are seamless to the finished ceiling height.

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