Interlocking Pavers / Landscaping

Interlocking Pavers - Landscaping 


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Rellocon offers the highest quality workmanship when it comes to installation Interlocking Pavers - Retaining Walls - Plantation. Our staff is highly skilled and fully certified, so you can rest a sure your project is in great hands. We use the highest quality materials to ensure a strong and long-lasting job. Constructing and Renovating the best for the best. 

Here is a list of services we Specialize in

Installation of :


  • Excavation either by hand (manpower), mini or large excavator
  • Hauling of materials with the use of 10 or 12 Wheeler
  • 0 3/4 inch stone, sand, 3/4 clean stone, 1/4 inch stone (screening)
  • Compaction of a substrate (gravel, sand or excavated materials)
  • Interlocking pavers Such as Permacon, Rhinox, Techobloc
  • For driveways, walkways, pool surround, balconies (epoxy glued to cement substrates)
  • Prefabricated steps, interlocking stairs
  • Retaining walls, retaining wall drainage, geotextile, 3/4 net clean stone
  • Stepping stones, River rock, Mulch, 
  • Universal boards, decorated borders, plastic boarders
  • Leveling of Land for proper drainage, with the recommended quality of the earth
  • Irrigation systems
  • Plantation of any different types of trees, plants, cedars, shrubs
  • Rolls of sod (grass), grass seed, lawn care
  • Ornamental fence, Gates, regular style fencing

We are not the largest company that offers services for your landscaping projects but we accomplish every single project as if it were our own. Every member of the Rellocon team is considered family to us, the minute you sign with us, you did not just receive a professional company to have your project completed but you have just become a part of our family. We protect and respect everyone in our family, no matter what.


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